Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas goodies!

I always try to make something special for my kids to take to their classmates on the last day before the Christmas break. This year, my 12-year-old told me it was no longer cool for her to take things in :-( I'm so glad I still have a first grader who loves to bring treats to his class!

I used the amazing new little treat cups this year for Ethan's cards....I wanted them to be simple because really, what 6-year old cares about the actual card - they just want the treats! I made this like a card front - so they don't open at all. I wanted to use white jelly beans but I couldn't find any but I think the coloured chocolate drops (I was too cheap to buy actual m&m'!) look great. I cut a white strip of card stock and randomly stamped snow flakes on it - then punched the hole for the treat cup. I then adhered it to a blue card front, added a caption - and there you have it! I made 20 of these in about an hour.

I have 3 boxes of treat cups left (since the 7th grader decided she didn't need the cards) and can't wait to decide what to make with them next!

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