Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another birthday card post

I'm totally in love with this 5x5 square card - I think it just might be my new favorite card type. You can just fit so much onto the front of these cards and nothing looks crowded which is a typical problem for me. This is another birthday card that I made last night for a coworker, using the same stamp set as the first one.

I'm sitting patiently waiting for my next Stampin' Up order to come from my friend Rebecca. It has a brand new punch in it that I'm excited to use - hearts! In the meantime, I think I'll take out my new cutting machine and cut some designs out of the heart die that I have in advance of the kids' Valentine's making extravaganza. I'll post pictures of that pile of fun!

Well, we're experiencing some nasty weather here in SW Ontario - and it seems to be going on forever. Freezing rain, snow....I'm tired of it. Can't wait until the first robin of spring! My husband and I are already talking about our trip to Mexico in April - I am so excited! I had best get my Costa Rica album done from our trip last year before April or I'll be so behind I won't know which end is up!

I hope that wherever you might be, that you're staying warm!

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